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Dining in the Dorms: Pizza Meatloaf

November 27, 2010

Pizza Meatloaf

Every kid when they hear that they are having a dinner of meatloaf instantly starts to stock up the sweets in order to cope with not eating much of their dinner that evening. Of course someone is not going to like meatloaf. I mean when you look at the name alone who is going to eat that? First off it is meat, in the shape of bread, and it is a super mushy blob when it finally gets to the table. But I guess after twenty years of enduring the best (mom’s home cooked meatloaf) and the worst (Marbeck lunch meatloaf) I have finally come up with what has to be my best dish ever. Pizza Meatloaf. What is required for this easy to make and delicious twist on the traditional meatloaf is as follows (and sorry for everything being in grams, I am currently studying in Northern Ireland…):

500g of Mince Meat 1 pound 64 pence ($2.46)
Grated Mozzarella 1 pound 80 pence ($2.70)
Pizza Sauce 1 pound 4 pence ($1.56)
1 small pack of Pepperoni 1 pound 60 pence ($2.40)
200g bread crumbs 69 pence for loaf of bread ($1.03)
1 egg 40 pence ($0.60)
1 pie pan

Ok so now that we have everything we need here comes the best part of making meatloaf. Put all 500 grams of the meat into a mixing bowl along with the 200 grams of bread crumbs, your egg, 100g of nicely chopped pepperoni, about 2 handfuls of grated cheese and 2 spoonfuls of pizza sauce. As you can tell I like to cook very precisely and use the most accurate measurements possible. After piling all this goodness into your mixing bowl mix it together until it started to become one big ball of mess. The best way to mix this is with your hands. It does not feel very good between your fingers but it tastes great later. Form this mash into the pie pan roughly into the shape of what crust on a pie might look like. This does not need to be perfect as depending on what fat content your meat is the whole thing will shrink a bit. Put this into the oven on medium heat for about 20 minutes or until the meat is browned. After this you take the pan out and drain any of the fat that has liquidized in the bottom of the pan. Then spread pizza sauce on the top of the meatloaf crust and put toppings and cheese to your liking. Put this back in the oven until the cheese on the top has melted. Cut and enjoy.

I have found that the better quality meat you use makes a huge difference in the overall taste of the pizza meatloaf plus this will cut down on the shrinking of the overall pizza meatloaf. This also will feed about 4 people (or two college males). The nice thing about this is that it is cheap($2.54/person) , easy to make, and only takes about half an hour to do which are all necessary for it to be considered a successful college meal.

One Comment
  1. Alicia permalink

    okay, this officially looks amazing….I’m going to have to make this the next time I watch a winter sporting event!

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